Leavex Advantage

  • Guaranteed Compliance
  • Affordable Pricing Options
  • Full-Service Administration
  • No Minimum Company Size
  • Knowledgeable Account Managers
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Fast Implementation
  • Innovative Proprietary Technology

The value of your company is closely connected to your employees. The make-up of your leave and benefits packages attract and retain personnel. Excellent HR management creates a positive work culture by increasing consistency and reducing stress. Leavex makes your compliance programs shine, which reflects well on your organization.

We take away the worry

Leavex offers full-service FMLA Administration, COBRA Outsourcing, and Absence Management Services.

We have become an industry leader in FMLA Administration, COBRA Outsourcing and Absence Management Administration by providing friendly easy-to-use outsourcing solutions to companies of all sizes.

Get back the time you're losing monitoring your time-consuming policy details. Are you weighed down with FMLA, COBRA or other employee compliance issues? Leavex is here to solve them for you. We know that each individual deserves personal attention - that's what we provide. We become fully aware of your distinct requirements and manage them in a direct, clear, compliant and timely manner.

Leavex is a safe choice for managing complex employee compliance programs.

  • We take away the worry and save you time and money
  • We are HR and benefit administrator experts
  • We are fully and legally responsible on your behalf

    All services are backed by  hold harmless and service guarantees to protect you while we do the work.
  • COBRA Services

    Comprehensive COBRA Administration that provides an experienced account manager and detailed activity and premium reports.

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    FMLA and Absence Management Solutions

    Our team of HR professionals will administer your FMLA and State Leave responsibilities while keeping you up-to-date with customized online reporting and removing your liability.

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    The Leavex system and administration processes have the built-in flexibility and reporting to successfully administer your PTO, Military, Administrative and company-sponsored leaves.

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