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At Leavex, we understand that your clients rely on you for expert advice in many areas including COBRA, Retiree, FMLA and Absence Management administration. The right administrative partner will enable you to deliver the most value for your clients and your agency.

We are unique in the compliance administration industry in that we are not affiliated with a disability or payroll provider. This is significant because it allows your clients to receive services and technologies that were created specifically for compliance and benefits administration at the same time giving them freedom to choose a disability or payroll provider that better meets their needs and budgets. You look good and your clients save money. Isn't that want you want from a partner?

why Leavex

We are confident that we will provide your clients with the best compliance management services available.

  • More affordable vs. Disability Carriers
  • End-to-end Compliance Administration
  • Work With Companies of All Sizes
  • 1-to-1 Customer Service
  • Knowledgeable Account Managers
  • Customized Leave Administration
  • Data Security
  • Proven Processes
  • Innovative Proprietary Technology
  • Guaranteed Compliance

the Leavex difference

We offer a unique solution

Since we are a stand-alone third-party administrator we offer agents an option outside of traditional disability and payroll providers at a fraction of the cost.

we work with companies of all sizes

Smaller and mid-size companies usually find that disability or payroll providers will not administer their COBRA, Retiree, FMLA or Absence Management administration unless they bundle it with a disability or payroll product. Compare our cost and you'll see the difference.

Our focus is leave management

Our processes and technologies were developed to specifically address the needs of your clients. We get to know your client's company, employees, and culture while delivering the best compliance solutions available.

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